George Loukas is an established Music Professional Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. As a dj and producer he’s gained tremendous support across the global dance floor and toured europe several times before eventually settling down. His releases have charted both on a local and international scale and have been scored countless times in TV, Film and commercials.


In 2010 he launched 6N7 Music A Dance Record Label, 6N7 Music has seen overwhelming success with 4 Top 10 and 6 Top 20 Releases. It has become one of the most sought after Labels in the Country.


In October 2013 George Loukas was selected as a Judge for 2014 Juno’s in both Dance Record Of Year and Electronic Album of the Year categories. Such a humbling experience changed his perception on Music and the Industry. It was then he decided moving forward he would invest his time in the Artist threw Developing, Managing and Promoting their Music.


Today George Loukas volunteers his time at Factor Canada as a Juror and at CARA’s as panelist as well as working closely with several well known and upcoming Artists.












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